To produce phenotypically sound bulls that perform well in hard conditions utilising leading genetics.


We aim for easy calving cattle with high growth and marbling, and top Angus Breeding Indexes suitable for self-replacing herds, focussing on fertile females with good udders and milk production.

Our self-replacing commercial herd is geared to low birth weight unassisted calving, with high growth weaners that are turned off anywhere from 7-10 months depending on the season. These weaners make great re-stockers suitable for growing out or destined for feedlots. The females are marketed as future breeders and grown out and sold PTIC.

We aim for a live calf every year from our breeders with any animals not reaching our strict criteria and empties culled annually. Heifers are mated at 14-16 months of age with a mating weight of a minimum of 350kg. All cows must fall pregnant during a fixed winter mating season and deliver a live calf unassisted the following Autumn.

All our bulls are examined by our cattle veterinarian annually, including palpation and measurement of the scrotal sac. All bulls are semen tested prior to sale with full morphological analysis completed and any bulls not making the grade on any count are culled.

Health Treatments

All our animals receive the following:

  • 7 in 1 vaccine at marking followed by a second dose in the first year and then annually
  • All bulls are ear notched and tested for Pestivirus (BVDV) and vaccinated annually
  • All bulls are vaccinated for Vibriosis annually
  • All animals are drenched for worms and lice twice a year or as required
  • All animals also receive Vitamin B12 with Selenium or Multimin annually


All our sale bulls are guaranteed for one breeding season for structural soundness, fertility and service. Any bull failing this guarantee will be replaced or bull cost only refunded less salvage value. A veterinary certificate is required.

All our sale bulls have been vet checked and semen tested prior to sale.

All bulls are pedigree free of genetic disorders.

All bulls carry 3 forms of identification: NLIS, management tag and cattle brand.

We are JBAS 6 and Independently assessed as very low risk for One Biosecurity in SA.

We are accredited by Meat Standards Australia and Livestock Production Assurance program.